Amazing made in China -- xingtu bridge prefabricated bridge panels help build the fourth bridge in panama

    In mid-august, truckloads of container lorries loaded with the panels of the xingtu-built bridge prefabricated trestle rolled out of the plant and headed for Central America with their great "made in China" goods bound for panama.


    Xingtu bridge safety protection series products - temporary safety guardrail

    The safety protection of construction site is an important protective facility to ensure the personal safety of construction personnel.Traditionally, steel pipes or steel bars are used for the columns, plastic mesh or steel wire mesh is used for the protective mesh, and the base is usually fixed by welding or placed directly. This kind of protection method cannot meet the safety protection standards required by the code.And installation is not convenient, appearance image is poor, can not meet the requirements of construction site safety and civilized production.
    In view of the above problems, xingtu bridge research and development center after careful research and joint efforts to tackle the problem, developed a general type of temporary safety guardrail, thoroughly solve all kinds of construction environment adjacent safety protection problems.


    Xingtu bridge fourth-generation fabricated steel bridge

    In recent years, with the construction of cross-river and cross-sea Bridges, steel bridge, as a temporary channel for material transportation, equipment and personnel, has been more and more widely used, with more and more design loads and higher construction requirements, and gradually approaching semi-permanent projects.Xingtu bridge company has been committed to the standardization of temporary steel bridge research and development, relying on many years of bridge steel structure design, manufacturing and construction experience, the development of the fourth generation of prefabricated steel bridge, with high bearing capacity, construction efficiency and other characteristics, suitable for all kinds of bridge water construction work temporary channel rapid construction.


    Xingtu bridge - technical career writing competition

    In order to explore the internal characters of the company, improve the quality of all kinds of official documents, evaluation documents and system documents, and provide clear direction for the training of employees, xingtu bridge held a writing talent show named "technical career field" in September 2019.


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