Gansu Shunda Road and Bridge Construction Co.,Ltd Visited Our Xingtu Bridge

TIME:2018-01-12  SOURCE:Xingtu Bridge
      November 11th,the group chairman Kang chensheng of Gansu Shunda Road and Bridge Construction Co.,Ltd with 17 companies visited our Xingtu Bridge.
      In the forenoon, accompanied by our Marketing Center Manager Li hongyu, study tour payed a visit to manufacturing base in Jiaxing to gain an initial understanding of products design philosophy, manufacturing technique and application prospect.The study tour felt the effects of continuous improvement on people management,site managemen, process improvement and product research.
      After that,study tour came to the site of Hangzhou Bay Bridge's North-line in Jiashan.After Sales Manager introduced the service condition of our form traveller and continuous concrete beam construction.
      In the afternoon,our General Manager Zhu Xingtu made the detailed introduction about organizational structure,cultural development,competitive strategy,product service,enterprise resources,research and development innovation through symposium.We debate and discuss some big issues and exchange views and perspectives so we learn from each other's experiences. 
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