Xingtu Bridge Generation IV Assembled Type Temporary Steel Bridges

TIME:2018-04-12  SOURCE:Xingtu
    In recent years, with the construction of river-crossing and sea-crossing bridges, more and more temporary steel bridges are used for the transportation of materials, equipment and traffic of personnel. Besides, the structural design load of these bridges is becoming greater and requirement for their engineering is becoming stricter too. The temporary steel bridges are gradually becoming semi-permanent bridges. Dedicated to the standardized R&D of temporary steel bridges, Xingtu has developed its Generation IV Assembled Type Temporary Steel Bridges, thanks to its years of experience in the design, manufacturing and engineering of steel structure bridges, which are able to sustain high load and be swiftly erected as passages for bridge construction. 
    The assembled type temporary steel bridge comprises lower structure, upper structure and accessory structure (such as the fencing rails and pavement). 
1. The lower structure comprises steel tube piles, connectors between piles and load bearing beams. 
2. The upper structure comprises bailey beam, lateral distributing beam, surface panel, expansion joints, fasteners for distributing beams, fasteners for surface panels, etc. 
3. The accessory structure comprises fencing rails and pavement, etc. 
    Except for the lower structure, Xingtu’s Generation IV Assembled Type Temporary Steel Bridges are produced in factory, capable of being assembled at site. The features of components are as follows:
1. Part of the bailey beam has been optimized in design, which makes it easier for site assembling, saves the material and engineering costs while ensuring the structure under stress. The bailey beam is automatically welded to ensure the quality of the product.  
 2. The lateral districting beam is secured by specific purpose fasteners developed by Xingtu Bridge itself, which can be swiftly dismantled and mounted, promising firm connection. 
  3. The surface panel of the bridges is in modular designed, group welded with #12 H-shaped steel and 8mm grooved steel sheets. Each panel is 2m x 6m in size, secured with 4 end fasteners and 2 middle fasteners. The mounting and dismantling of the panels are both simple. The panels are processed through a standardized streamline and the fasteners are cast pieces processed by one-step molding, which ensures the quality of manufacturing.    
4. The expansion joints comprise upper cover sheet and lower cover sheet. And the standard size is 2m×0.64m, group welded with #12 H-shaped steel and 8mm grooved steel sheets and secured by specific fasteners for bridge panels. 
5. The pavement comprises stringers, lateral connecting rod, limit switch angle steel and pedals, of which the pedals are galvanized non-slip pedals, light in weight, safe and with a pleasant outlook.
6. The fencing rails comprise the guardrail pieces, columns, skirting boards, column caps, straight joints, connecting sheathing, plastic wedges, kickboard buckles and base wedge blocks. It can be quickly assembled and formed without welding needed. Assembled guardrails are 1.2 meters in height. If one needs to conduct hoisting operations on the bridge, manually flip the guardrail piece to reduce its height from 1.2 meters down to 1 meter, to meet the requirement of equipment lifting operation. The rails can also be heightened by adding a few sections, so that the pavement can meet safety standards.
    On the basis of the existing temporary steel bridges, the Generation IV products of Xingtu Bridge realizes the standardized design, modular production and site assembly through improved process so that the products can meet the functional requirements and be constructed faster and more efficiently. It saves the costs with a better outlook. At present, it has been applied in many projects and won the high praise from customers.
    Xingtu Bridge, the golden service provider in the area of bridge construction.
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