Xingtu bridge - graduates, are you ready for the internship and employment?

TIME:2019-08-05  SOURCE:Xingtu Bridge

Xingtu bridge class of 2018 graduates, who have also been troubled by these problems, are sharing their own growth and reflections over the past year.Through the debrief, they reviewed their work in this year, reflected on the problems encountered in this year's work, and gave their own slowly explored solutions, summed up valuable experience.

After listening to their report on their work, the instructor and company leaders gave objective and comprehensive evaluation on their performance in the past year, and gave a lot of valuable Suggestions to help them better understand the direction and find the correct positioning.

As a cultural calling card of xingtuo bridge, debrief of all employees can not only promote their own development, but also help them learn from each other and promote each other, so as to achieve the goal of synchronous personal growth and enterprise development.

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