The triangle bracket of bridge construction is generally used for 0# block of cast-in-place cantilever continuous beam and cast-in-place construction bearing support of short straight line section, which belongs to key temporary safety structure in bridge construction. At present, the continuous beam piers are single pier and double leg thin-walled pier. Due to the different span of continuous beam and the change of lane, the overall dimensions of 0# block are different. The conventional bracket can only be used for one type of pier body and 0# block. The new type of assembled bracket developed by us adopts standard components, pin shaft connection, which can be convenient installation and removal, with high construction efficiency.

Customize engineering solution for the demands of environmental protection and construction security.

Provide efficient engineering maintenance during service life.

Dismantle triangle bracket.

Provide instructions for assembly of triangle bracket.

Guide the installation technology of triangle bracket.

Guide the drive technology of triangle bracket.

Guide the dismantlement technology of triangle bracket.