Our standard security guard railing units are 2 meters long, comprising a pedestal, a column, protecting net and wedges, which are installed with conventional wrench and hammer. All components are installed in an assembly flow, without needing any welding process. Security guard railings are 1.2m high and according to the professional testing, the horizontal thrust resistance exceeds 100kg (1000N). 

  • 1.Engineering Exploration

  • 2.Project Design

    Calculate and design engineering for security guard railing.

    Organize the formulation of installation and dismantlement.

    Customize engineering solution for the demands of environmental protection and construction security.

  • 3.Material Leasing and Sale

    Lease the material of security guard railing.

    Provide efficient engineering maintenance during service life.

    Dismantle security guard railing.

  • 4.Safety Monitoring 

  • 5.Technicians Training

    Provide instructions for assembly of security guard railing.

    Guide the installation technology of security guard railing.

    Guide the drive technology of security guard railing.

    Guide the dismantlement technology of security guard railing.