• Hangzhou metro line 10 construction of the first phase of the general contracting civil engineering area 2 project

    Cooperative units: Zhongjiao tunnel bureau

    Project construction scale lines a total length 15.184 km, 12 set up at the station, transfer station 6 seats, all for the underground line, with benevolence and car depot, such as one control center Shared with both fort seven control center, the new main substation 1, a total investment of about 15.702 billion yuan, the construction of address is located in hangzhou, is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

  • Anqing high-tech zone shankou area comprehensive development PPP project

    Cooperative units: Sinochem engineering group Beijing construction investment co. LTD

    The project is divided into three phases.The first-phase investment of the project is estimated to be RMB 6,298,561 yuan. The construction content includes: roads, traffic, rainwater, sewage, lighting, electric power, above-ground pipe gallery and pipe rack, heating pipes, green space and social parking lot construction in the starting area (planning document);The construction of yong jin road and yong jin road bridge in the whole mountain pass area includes the construction of talent apartment, public rental housing, research and development building, science and innovation center, land leveling within the starting area of 5.85 square kilometers, water system renovation within the starting area of 629319 square meters, and the construction of substation in the whole mountain pass area

  • Yuhang district chongxian to old yuhang connection line (elevated) project

    Cooperative units: China communications fourth navigation bureau

    The project is located in yuhang district, passing chongxian street, tangqi town, renhe street, liangzhu new town, pingyao town, cangqian street, future technology city, yuhang street, etc.The project covers an area of 1348 mu.It is proposed to construct the chongxian to old yuhang connection line (viaduct) project in yuhang district. The project starts from chongxian street in the southeast of yuhang district and connects with the main urban area of hangzhou. The project is connected with yuhang section of qiushi expressway and ends at yuhang street in the west of yuhang district.Viaducts are set throughout the project, with a total length of 34.022 kilometers and a bridge width of 26.5 meters. The elevated section of the project is planned to adopt the standard construction of two-way six-lane first-class highway with a design speed of 80km/h.The total investment of the project is about 860,3.9 million yuan (static), which is implemented by the cooperation mode of "PPP+EPC+ governmen