• Pre-station zpzq-viii section project division

    Cooperative units: China railway seventh bureau group first engineering co. LTD

    Zhengzhou to puyang section on zhengzhou to jinan railway station (including the part after standing) engineering bid ZPZQ - Ⅷ command of engineering division of the construction area in jinshui district, zhengzhou city.Zhengzhou Yellow River bridge (main Zheng Ji) all range of DK399 ~ DK401 + 829.932 + 109.55), from Yang Zhuang of jinshui district, finally hong bao lines are parallel, zhengzhou Yellow River bridge (double) 2.72 km, hong bao to Yang Zhuang downlink link (single) 2.184 kilometers of the large bridge, hong bao to Yang Zhuang uplink link bridge (single) 2.253 kilometers, the system of beam field 1, this box girder blocks 500 hole (369 hole, double girder single box girder 131 hole) gantry crane project, does not include the rail project.

  • Hangzhou-shao-taiwan railway, division 7, division 4

    Cooperative units: In TieSiJu

    Hangzhou via shaoxing to taizhou railway station engineering HSTZQ - 7 is located in taizhou jiaojiang, jiang days and in wenling, line of the large bridge from taizhou central station of hangzhou end tail DK215 + 535.53, after the outbound south to lingshan, controlled by the factors of urban planning and demolition, local consequent tie up lingshan hengjing continue after, to wenling city tian Yang village in the west in the form of frame piers across both ningbo-taizhou-wenzhou railway to the south, to both possessing station on the west side and both the station and station, the outbound after bid to DK237 + 820 to reach the finish line, blocks the 22.285 km, the tail set aside the conditions of the south.Project cost: 2.99 billion??Duration :35 months.

  • Yantong high-speed railway five standard

    Cooperative units: China railway third bureau east China construction company

    Salt pass high-speed railway station at the north up since yancheng high-speed railway linking field and Xu Suhuai salt after derivation, to the south after dafeng area, dongtai, haian city go further south rugao, it moves into the tongzhou district to the west railway station, Shanghai railway under construction nantong railway common way across the Yangtze river with Shanghai to zhangjiagang, access to the railway under construction in Shanghai, south along the inter-city railway station sets of zhangjiagang.The yantong railway line is 156.6 kilometers long, and the bullet train line is 4.888 kilometers long. In addition, a 13.2 kilometers upper and lower link line between nantong station and ningqi line has been set up, and the nantong bullet train station has been built.Simultaneously carry out some bridge projects from nantong west to zhangjiagang section (including the Yangtze river bridge laying ballast of shanghai-nantong railway).