• Taishi bridge reconstruction project

    Cooperative units: Xuzhou highway engineering co. LTD

    Taishi bridge is located at the junction of jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, across the beijing-hangzhou canal, is one of the major transport channels between jiangsu and zhejiang provinces.The taishi bridge, built in 1999, has been identified by experts from the provincial transportation planning and design research institute as one of the four types of Bridges with potential safety hazards.To this end, the management section of the city highway capital of 1.8 million yuan to strengthen the bridge transformation.It is understood that since the closure of the road on October 6, the construction personnel are working overtime to speed up the construction, to ensure the quality, quantity and timely completion of the dangerous bridge renovation project, in order to ensure that the inter-provincial channel will be opened to traffic as soon as possible.

  • South along the river eight mark one branch

    Cooperative units: In TieSanJu

    The scope of nyjzq-10 standard for the new construction of jiangsu nanyanjiang intercity railway station.The new line in this bid section is 24.068km, the length of the line is DK257+052 (at the end of baimao river bridge) ~ DK281+120.487 (design end point), the uplink of taicang is 3.649km, and the downlink of taicang is 3.993km.Taicang working area line;Supply scope of no. 10 and no. 11 beam yard DK251+070 ~ DK281+120.487.

  • Fixed speed 2 bid

    Cooperative units: China railway seven innings

    The total length of the project is 5.922 km (K34+300 ~ K40+103), with a total roadbed of 3.389km, a bridge of 822.5m/4, 10 culverts (4 plate culverts, 6 steel corrugated pipe culverts), 1 tunnel (1710.221 yanm on the left, 1640.895 yanm on the right), and a parking area (liojiazhai parking area).