• Xiaolangdi Yellow River bridge project

    Cooperative units: Anhui highway and bridge engineering co. LTD

    The project starts from the east of miaoqian village, dayu town, jiyuan city, connecting with the proposed jiyang expressway, and intersecting with changji expressway to set up the interchange of miaoqian junction. The route runs south through chengliu town, paitou town, baihe town, chengguan town, xiaolangdi town, changbao town and matun town, and ends at the west of rentun and ningluo expressway.The total length of the route is about 42.383 kilometers, among which the left side of the Yellow River bridge is 1136.65 meters long with continuous rigid frame bridge (77+8*120+77) +20, and the right side is 1156.65 meters long with continuous rigid frame bridge (77+8*120+77) +2*20.

  • Jintan Yellow River bridge in jingyuan, gansu province

    Cooperative units: Gansu jinlongyi road bridge construction (group) co. LTD

    The starting point of this project is located in the east of jingyuan county, at the intersection of binhe road and east second ring road, crossing the Yellow River to the north, and the end point is located at mi SAN highway on the north bank of the Yellow River.The total length of the project is 1.09 kilometers.The main bridge spans the main channel of the Yellow River, with a length of 368m, a length of 440m and a connection length of 282 meters.

  • Long lake shen line waterway (Shanghai section) regulation project (bridge section) project

    Cooperative units: Shanghai construction

    The chang hu shen route (Shanghai section) renovation project (bridge section) looks at Shanghai and jiangsu province in the west, and looks at maohe in the west. After deducting 2.6 km in zhejiang province, the project covers 14.46 km.