• Jiaxing expressway 1

    Cooperative units: Hangzhou wutong construction engineering co. LTD

    Jiaxing urban expressway loop project is 28.67 kilometers long, which is composed of "zhonghuan west road -- zhonghuan north road -- sanhuan east road -- changshui road".
    The project will be implemented in stages and stages according to the principle of "unified planning, unified design, overall project approval, phased implementation and segmented construction".Among them, phase I project: the intersection of sanhuan east road, guangyi road -- changshuihua road -- hongbo road intersection of zhonghuan west road;Phase ii: intersection of hongbo road, zhonghuan west road -- intersection of dongsheng road, zhonghuan west road;Phase iii project: intersection of zhonghuan west road and dongsheng road -- intersection of zhonghuan north road and guangyi road of sanhuan east road.

  • Qingyuan maglev I standard project

    Cooperative units: China railway 11th group first engineering co., LTD

    CK19+580~CK27+680 is the starting distance from yinzhan station to chimelong theme park of qingyuan city maglev tourism special line, with the total length of the main line 8.1km.It contains three elevated stations, one tunnel, one parking lot and 27 continuous beams (including 2 continuous beams).

  • Ningbo zhoushan port main channel highway 4

    Cooperative units: CCCC 2nd aviation bureau no.4 co., LTD

    The main line of DSSG04 section of main passage project of zhoushan port of ningbo is 8.685km long, starting from the north transition pier of south navigation hole and ending at daishan landing point.Among them, the north navigable tunnel bridge adopts continuous rigid frame with steel-concrete mixed beam, and the span layout is 125+260+125m.