• Wuxue Yangtze river bridge

    Cooperative units: Hubei luqiao group co. LTD

    Wuxue Yangtze river highway bridge starts from siwang town, wudian city, huanggang city, stops at yangxin county, huangshi city, connects the hubei section of hang-rui national expressway, with a total length of 31.001 kilometers, of which the Yangtze river bridge is 3355 meters long, and the connection between the two sides is 27.646 kilometers long.The route direction and main control points are reasonable and conform to the project approval requirements.All the lines in wuxue west, siwang, wuxue, fuchi, fenglin east 5 places set interchange.

  • Zhejiang province 03 provincial road east double line south extension viaduct project 01 bid

    Cooperative units: China railway no. 4 bureau no. 2 company

    Starting point of double line is located in the xiaoshan east 03 provincial highway extension project (new street to red Ken) the renovation and construction of 400 four road intersection, with both elevated docking, starting point pier pile number for K0 + 000, double line end to 03 provincial highway east and east four road intersection, elevated pile end date for K4 + 642, ground pile number for K4 + 800, the viaduct total length of 4642 meters, the ground road stretches approximately 4800 meters.The project adopts the form of "viaduct + ground road". Four interworking ramps and five middle and small Bridges, including Sanyi line, caihong avenue and Chenduan road, are set up across the line.

  • Safety Guard Railings in Jiahai Highway Bridge Project

    Cooperative units: Zhejiang Xingtu Bridge Temporary Steel Structure Engineering CO. Ltd

    Xingtu’s standard safety guard railing units are 2 meters long, comprising a pedestal, a column, protecting net and wedges, which are installed with conventional wrench and hammer. All components are installed in an assembly flow, without needing any welding process.