• Taiyuan west central south extension line project department

    Cooperative units: China railway bridge bureau seven companies

    The south extension of west central district is planned as the north-south travel fast channel of taiyuan city and the southwest radiation channel of taiyuan city. It is planned as the urban trunk road + node processing with a design speed of 60km/h.This section is the south extension project of west central (huanhu north road ~ mengshan street), the north section of jinyang lake park drainage outlet (from jinci road outlet to huanhu seventh road), including a 2,600m 3.5m *1.5m rain water tank culvert and a sewage pipeline with pipe diameter of D400, D600 and D800. The project investment is about 42 million yuan.

  • Quanzhou quanzhou union road quanzhou A4 standard

    Cooperative units: CCCC first public bureau xiamen engineering co. LTD

    Spring mansion get quanzhou city union road section a4 contract period of starting point (pile yk16 + 586.658), and the contract period of the finish and a3, is located in quanzhou nanan Dan well ZhenAn bay, route from east to west, across the stone Wells township, near ishii town promote village set promote the hub and south highway cross, then through guo, Yang village to ishii town before the garden village, set the pre-hospital each local planning institute of north road, route along the sleeping tiger hill side line development, after the finish on the border between ishii town sitting head village springs mansion (pile k27 + 347.648), and xiamen sea cheung road lane east interchange.

  • Yangsigang Yangtze river bridge project, wuhan

    Cooperative units: Wuhan baike engineering labor service co. LTD

    Yangsigang Yangtze river bridge in wuhan is the 10th Yangtze river bridge in wuhan. It is located about 2.8 km downstream of the baishazhou Yangtze river bridge and 3.2km upstream of the baiwuzhou Yangtze river bridge. The total length of the project is 4.134 km.