• Chongqing - guizhou expressway expansion section

    Cooperative units: China railway 23rd bureau group no.6 engineering co. LTD

    The chongqing-guizhou high-speed expansion project is about 367 kilometers from chongqing to guiyang. Among them, the chongqing section is 99.95 kilometers long with a designed speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

  • Zheng ji railway 8 bid

    Cooperative units: China railway seventh bureau group first engineering co. LTD

    Zheng Ji high-speed rail (zhengzhou, jinan), also known as zheng passenger dedicated line, referred to as "high iron, Zheng Ji Zheng Ji guest specially, is in henan province and shandong province planning and construction of a high-speed railway, from zhengzhou east station, stop at jinan west railway station, is the" m "glyph high-speed rail network in henan province strategy important constituent, is the shandong" three horizontal three longitudinal "comprehensive transport corridor.With a design speed of 350km/h and a total length of 380 km, the zhengzhou-jinan high-speed railway has a total investment of 54.65 billion yuan and a purchase cost of 2.3 billion yuan.Site Settings: zhengzhou east station, pingyuan new area station, xinxiang east station, weihui south station, lujun station, neihuang station, puyang east station, nangle station, xinxian south station, liaocheng west station, chiping south station, changqing station, jinan west station.

  • New fuxia railway 9 - bid project

    Cooperative units: China railway sixth bureau group

    The third branch of management department of the new fuzhou to xiamen railway project no.9 project has a construction pipeline section of 10.43km, of which the bridge is 6.5km long, the tunnel is 2.11km long and the roadbed is 1.28km long.Construction lines are intersected with local roads, provincial road 208, provincial road 219, xiazhang tongcheng avenue, gangwei railway extension under construction, and xiamen-shenzhen railway.