Xingtu "conscientious" - to their own value to the highest

TIME:2019-07-17  SOURCE:Xingtu Bridge
rporter:When did you enter xingtu bridge?
 Zhang aiguo: I came to xingtu bridge in 2008, and it has been 11 years now.
rporter: What kind of work have you done since you came to xingtu bridge?
Zhang aiguo: since the first day of the company, I have been working on the post of after-sales service, providing installation guidance, construction safety inspection, dismantling and recycling services for the company's customers.
I used to work where I needed to go, either on projects or on my way to projects, without ever stopping. At the beginning of this year, I was transferred back to the equipment company as the head of the after-sales service department of the marketing center, which allowed me to take a break. Such adjustment also gives me more time to go to the production base for learning and self-growth.
rporter: What chance did you find these bars that had been idle for years?
Zhang aiguo: in June this year, during several trips to the canal base to coordinate the delivery of hanging baskets, I found the special main girder of hanging baskets that had been idle for several years. Since I have been dealing with hanging baskets for many years, after analyzing the current order quantity of hanging baskets, I judged that this batch of rods could be used to reduce the number of new components. Therefore, I invited the person in charge of basket design and material personnel of canal base to analyze the idle rods and make a reuse plan.
What spirit drives you to do this?
 Zhang aiguo: as a company mainly engaged in leasing, we can only create more value for the company by fully mobilizing the rental rate of the company's existing leasable items. As a member of the company, we can always think what the company thinks and what the company is anxious about, so as to give full play to our own value to a higher level.

rporter: What are your plans or expectations for the future?
 Zhang aiguo: the growing of the company and the broad mind of the chairman are the motivation for me to follow the company all the time. And the company is getting better and better development situation does not allow me to stagnate, let me not decadent laziness. Time flies, I want to seize every minute now, continue to learn, continue to improve their own efforts to keep up with the pace of the company's development.
 Zhang aiguo conscientiously performs his own work, does a good job "with one's heart", finds problems, reflects problems, and participates in solving problems together. This kind of excellent advice and proactive work spirit is an important force to improve the management of the company.
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